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    In today’s increasingly volatile and risk filled environment, the quality of your ​Situational Awareness (SA) often determines success or failure -- achieving decisive advantage or missing an opportunity.     Whether monitoring oil pipelines in Mexico, identifying peek harvest times in Washington, or assessing the latest cyber threat against critical infrastructure, SA is vital to making smart and timely decisions.  ForwardTrace works  closely with our clients to first, understand their requirement and priorities. We then design a solution that provides for the optimum SA and risk mitigation.  We specialize in persitent SA technology that includes a wide spectrum of remote and hosted sensors, platforms, service oriented data integration and methods for customizing datasets to the user's specific needs. 
   ​​​​SA is achieved by using different modes and platforms to collect remotely sensed data, normalizing this data to provide actionable information within a meaningful time-window.    
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    ​​​​​​"Analysis shows an average cost impact of 17.5% to energy companies and owners of critical infrastructure due to security events such as physical and cyber attacks.  Situational Awareness solutions can reduce a risk profile by as much as 42% and insurance or reinsurance costs by 1.8 to 2.4%, while lowering the cost of capital by 2 to 3%.  Additionally, companies can expect an increase in operation revenue by 4 to 6% over 5 years due to cost avoidance from recovery and replacement costs." 
                                               -- Top-6 Energy Company
                                                                Security Vulnerability Assessment   
 ​   At its core, SA is about reducing risk.  By providing an accurate picture of your environment it enables operators and decision makers to deploy effective assets and take mitigating actions to counter emerging threats. 

    We understand that SA is “all about the data.”  This is reflected in our solution engineering and design where each element – sensors, platforms, data links, command and control, analytic and service delivery systems are focused on data services.  Components are harmonized to ensure sensor data is collected accurately and actionable intelligence is rapidly provisioned to identify and mitigate security risks.      

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